by AdminJ on June 7, 2011

Looking for a Individual dental plan? CIGNA of California  now offers Dental Insurance! If you are a current CIGNA member or are looking for a medical plan for you and your family you can now add a dental PPO plan to your coverage for as low as $1.15 a day, depending on your County. 

Dental coverage includes a wide range of services at a negotiated rate. PPO dental plans members do not need to choose a primary care dentist or need a referral to see a specialist, you are able to come and go as you please to any dentist or dental office unlike HMO dental plans. 
We always suggest to go to In-Network dental offices in order to save the most amount on your Co-Pays. You will pay less for covered services when the dental office in the Network, they have agreed to offer services at a lower negotiated rate to CIGNA members.  In-Network providers will offer customers discounted fees for all procedures on their fee schedules. 
CIGNA Dental Members will receive:
All Preventive Care Services: xrays & cleanings

Most diagnostic & preventive care procedures are covered at no/ low cost to the member when you see a in-network dental office. 
There is no waiting period, deductible or co-pay for these services as long as you go to In-Network providers. If a member were to go Out-of-Network it would be a copay of 20%.
Basic Care: fillings and restorative work   
Depending on the service the member will pay a percentage of the cost. Each member will have a 6 month waiting period for these services. Once the waiting period is over the member will pay 20% of the Co-Pay for In-network providers/dental office and 40% for Out-of-Network. 
Major Services: root canals, bridges, crowns etc. 

For all major services you will have a 12 month waiting period with a Co-Pay of 50% for In-Network providers. If a member were to go and Out-of-Network provider they would pay 60% of the charges. 
If you would like a Free Quote for CIGNA Medical or Dental Insurance please contact me at anytime. I can also quote all other Health Insurance Carriers in California. 

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