Health Care Reform Timeline

by AdminJ on November 11, 2010

Most people are very confused and over whelmed by Health Care Reform, wondering what changes are happening and when. Below is a timeline on the changes from now through 2018. I thought it would be easier to just take you year by year, starting with the present and what has changed so far. Each change will fit into a category of New Programs, Insurance Reform Changes, Coverage Mandates, Subsidies, Medicare Reforms and other info.

Starting October 2010:

-Dependent coverage up to age 26. – Mandated
-National Risk Pool- New Program
-$250 rebate for Medicare Members who reach the “donut hole”. – New Program
-No lifetime dollar limits. – Insurance Reform Change
Restricted yearly limits on the dollar value of certain benefits. – Insurance Reform Change
-No coverage Cancellations, except for Fraud or misrepresentation.- Insurance Reform Change
-No pre-existing exclusions for enrollees up to age 19. – Insurance Reform Change
-No cost-sharing obligations for preventive services in network.- Insurance Reform Change

-Start of Medicare Advantage cost-sharing limits.- Medicare Reform
-Medicare Advantage plans begin restructure of payments. – Medicare Reform
-Once Donut hole reached to get a 50% discount on Brand Name drugs. – Medicare Reform
-General Surgeons & Primary Care Doctors practicing in inner cities & rural areas get a 10% Medicare bonus. – Medicare Reform
-Increased funding for community Health Centers to provide care for many low-income/uninsured people. – New Program
-Excludes over-the-counter drug reimbursement through HSA & FSA plans. – Insurance Reform Change
-Employers can report the value of Health Care on employees W2 tax statements. – Insurance Reform Change

-New annual fees on pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.- Insurance Reform Change
-Hospitals with high rates of preventable readmissions face reduced Medicare Payments. – Health Reform Change
-Medical device manufacturers to have a 2.9% sales tax on devices, exemptions for some. Insurance Reform Change
-Individuals making $200k a year or couples making $250k will have higher Medicare Payroll tax of 2.35% on earned income, currently 1.45%. – Insurance Reform Change
-No more deductions for expenses allocable to Medicare Part D subsidy for employers who maintain prescription drug plans for their Medicare Part D Eligible retirees. – Insurance Reform Change
-Contributions to FSA limited to $2,500 a year.- Insurance Reform Change

-New Taxes on Health Insurers. - Insurance Reform Change
-Pre-exsisting condition exclusions are prohibited. – Insurance Reform Change
-State individual & small group health insurance exchanges operational. – Insurance Reform Change
-No Lifetime or annual dollar limits for essential benefits. – Insurance Reform Change
-Individual affordability tax credits. – Coverage Mandate
-Expanded Small Business tax credits. - Coverage Mandate

New tax on employer-sponsored health plans that offer policies with generous coverage levels.

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