No-Cost Preventive Services Unveiled

by AdminJ on July 15, 2010

On Wednesday July 14th, White House unveiled new requirements for Health Insurance Carriers to provide preventive care services without copays. Obama Administration put together rules to follow, allowing people with Health Insurance to receive certain preventive care services with no cost to them, waiving deductible and any out-of-Pocket charges.

The new rule was created under the Federal Health Reform Law. The preventive care will be lab tests and screens that are recommended by government advisory boards. Insurers will be required to cover routine vaccinations, cancer screenings, well baby care, prenatal care and other preventive care services.

This all will take effect in September of this year. All new health plans that are effective after September 23rd will be required to have the new coverage inforce. Anyone with a current Health Insurance plan will also benefit from the rule.

It is being said, this new requirement will increase premiums by 1.5% on average.

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