Easy to Add Dental and Life Insurance

by AdminJ on July 8, 2010

Most people don’t know that you can add a term life insurance policy to their current Individual Health Insurance Plan. Most major Carriers in California give their memebers the option to add a Term Life Insurance plan or dental with no underwriting. A member is guaranteed coverage on approval of their individual plan. There is no additonal applications or medical exams to take, its simple you just choose the amount of benefit that would fit your families needs.

If one were to add Life Policy to their current Medical Plan it would usually range from $15,000 to $100,000 benefit. These are aviable to all individual memebers (which makes one under 65).

A member at the age of 32 could pay as low as $6.50 per month for a $30,000 benefit, for example. This extra policy can added to your current medical insurance bill, all you need to do is make one payment.

Adding this Life Policy is an inexpensive and great way to protect your family in their time of need. Make it easier and less stressful worrying about finances.

Memebers also have the option to add a dental plan to most carriers as well. Your dental insurance can range from as low as $8-$55 per month per person. All plans would give you the option to go have your teeth cleaned 2 times a year, which is always nice. Depending on which dental plan you go with, there are services that range from X-Rays, fillings and major services.

Each company has number of different plans. The two most popular are the PPO and HMO plans.

HMO dental plans are similar to an HMO medical plan in the sense that you will chose one dentist/dental office and that will be your Primary Care office. You will go to that dentist/dental office for all services needed. If you need to see say a specialist your PCP will refer to one also in network.The best part regarding the HMO dental is there is no maximum per year, it is unlimited.

PPO dental plans are opened to go to any dental office at anytime, but will see the best price when staying in-network. A PPO plan does have a maximum per year depending on the plan. Ranging from $500 to $2,000. Once you meet your maximum the the carrier will no longer pay any claims.

To inquire about adding a Term Life Policy or Dental plan to your current Medical Insurance, give your Carrier or Broker a call.

For Free Health, Dental and Life Insurance quotes please give me a call toll free, 877-707-9898.


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