New Premier Plan by Anthem Blue Cross

by AdminJ on June 28, 2010

A new plan has come out for individuals by Anthem Blue Cross called the Premier Plans. There are a number of different plans to choose from and in this blog I will review them.

The Premier plan has a higher premium then the Smart Sense plan I talked about in a previous blog but does have different coverages. One of the main differences is with the Premier plan is the member has unlimited office visits before the deductible is met, for both primary at $30 and specialist at $50. With the Smart Sense plans a member gets 3 office visits at $30 before the deductible is met.

Most of the newer plans that Carriers offer do waive a members deductible for preventative care (please see below), but the Premier also does waive a members office visit co-pays, which is unlimited.

Annual Physical-$30
Routine Mammogram, Pap and PSA tests-$30 copay
Well Child/Baby Care (through age 6)-$30 copay
Your deductible is only waived for members after 6 months.

Anthem Blue Cross Premier Plan PPO comes in a number of different deductibles, to let the member choose what is right for them. They go fro $1,000 to $6,000 with out of pockets maximums ranging from $5,500 to $10,500.

Most Anthem Blue Cross PPO plans have 30% co-pays for services when In-Network with a PPO policy. The Premier Policy for In-Network services is a 25% Co-Pay, this would include X-Rays, Lab work, Anesthesia, Surgeon etc. All In-Network In and Out-Patient services and Emergency Rooms. A member would pay 25% after their deductible is met.

All Anthem Blue Cross Premier plan does come with $15 Generic drug coverage with no deductible. If a member was to use a Formulary Brand or Non Formulary Brand drug the member would first need to meet a $500 drug deductible. After the RX deductible is met it would cost $40 for Formulary Brand and $60 for Non-Formulary.

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