Health Care Reform Changes in 2010

by AdminJ on April 19, 2010

Many more changes to come to Health Insurance Reform but below are a few of the most important changes happening in 2010. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the changes in policies and coverages that will be happening.

Effective in 2010

Lifetime Max:

No longer will their be any Lifetime limits on Health Insurance Plans benefits coverage

Health Insurance Rates:

Federal review of all Health Insurance Carriers Premiums and their rates to the public.

Dependent Coverage

Raises the age of a dependent coverage for adult children to be able to stay on their parents plan until age 26.

Eliminates Pre-Existing Condition exclusions:

Eliminates exclusions for anyone with a condition due to domestic violence to be declined for a Health Insurance Policy.

Surgery for Children:

Mandates coverage of reconstructive surgery for children with developmental or congenital deformities. This coverage will now be covered by the Insurance Carrier.

Rebates for Medicare:

A rebate of $250 will be given out to Medicare beneficiaries who reach the part D “donut hole”.

Emergency Services:

A new Mandate of coverage for emergency services at in-network level regardless of provider. Can go to any provider in or out of network in an emergency situation.

Info for Small Employers:

Tax Credits:

Tax credits would apply to small employers with fewer then 25 employees and average annual wages of less then $40,000 that purchase health insurance for their employees.

There will also be Grants for Small Employer-based wellness programs.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

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