Reveiw of the Anthem Blue Cross Smart Sense Plan

by AdminJ on September 15, 2009

I thought I would review and explain a very popluar newer plan from Anthem Blue Cross called the Smart Sense Plan. The Plan offers a number of different options and the rates are very competivie for all ages. The Smart Sense Plans has lower Co-Pay limits then most PPO plans.
There are 8 different ways you can get the Smart Sense Plan. There are 4 different deductibles available from $5,000 to as low as $500 deductibles. Then you can also choice if you want to have Full Drug coverage which includes both Brand and Generic Drugs or you can put just Generic drugs on your plan which usually saves you at least $20 a month.
Before you meet your deductible with the Smart Sense Plan you can have up to 3 off visits at $30. After you reach your 3 visits you will be 30% of the negotiated rate for the visits. All other services you pay 30% as well after your deductible is met. Services include Hospitalization, ER, Lab Work and X-Rays.  
The coverage that I feel is the most important is the Co-Pay Limit or sometimes called the Stop-Loss. The Co-Pay limit is the most you spend in one year on all medical bills, every Health Insurance Policy has one. Once you reach your Co-Pay limit Anthem Blue Cross will pay 100% of your medical bills. Your Co-Pay limit restarts each calendar year.
Your Co-Pay limit with the Blue Cross Smart Sense Plans you have a Co-Pay Limit of $2,500 plus your deductible. You typically don’t see a PPO plan with a Stop-Loss as low as $3,000. You usually see them more with HMO plans, which is a huge advantage.  
One thing you need to keep in mind is that the Smart Sense Plan does not have maternity coverage.
If you would like to review the Anthem Blue Cross Smart Sense Plans please contact us anytime.
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