5 Comman Dental Insurance Questions

by AdminJ on September 15, 2009

If you have ever tried topick a dental insurance plan you will know that it is more complicated then picking a Health Insurance plan. The reason is there are so few plans, such little coverages and too many maximums. A few questions you should ask yourself before you pick a dental insurance plans.

 1. Can I go to my current dentist?

There are two different kinds of main dental insurance plans, HMO and PPO similar to Health Insurance very different with one common factor. As in Medical Insurance PPO plans you can go to any Doctor at anytime and HMO you have one PCP and work on a referral system. With dental PPO plans let you go to any dental office or dentist at anytime and HMO you will choose one dentist when signing up for your plan, that is your Primary Care Dental Office. PPO dental Plans are usually more expensive then HMO dental Plans. What you need to figure out before picking a plan is what plans your dentist accepts.

2. What is Covered?
Basic dental plans cover your two cleanings a year with a small office visit fee. Other services such as x-rays are usually covered 70% which will apply after your deductible, depending on your benefits. PPO plans usually cover a cavity or two per year.

3. What is the max my plan will cover?

PPO plans will usually pay up to $1,000 per year and some going as high as $2,000. HMO plans are unlimited per year which is the best bang for your buck and the less expensive way for your monthly and services.

4. Can I combined my Health & Dental?

All Carriers offer dental to add on to your Medical plan. More carrier are now offering stand alone dental plans.

5. Is there a Wait period?

Most PPO plans will have a 3 month to 1 year wait period on their plans for some minor and most major services. With HMO plans there is no wait period but you will have to go to your assigned dental office and get referral if you need to go to specialist.


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