Health Insurance Questions Answered

by AdminJ on September 9, 2009

One thing you can be sure of and that is that everyday on the news you will hear about Health Insurance. One of the top topics these days but people still are not sure some of the basics of Health Insurance. I find some of the top 5 most common Health Insurance questions I get asked are answered below.

1. What’s a PPO?

A PPO is a kind of Health Insurance plan that allows you to visit In-Network and Out-of-Network physicians, hospitals and medical centers without a referral system. More doctors accept PPO medical plans then HMO plans.There is also a difference in price. Depending on if you are on a Group Health Insurance Plan or Individual Plan. With a Group Health Insurance Plan, PPO plans tend to be more per month then HMO plans. With Individual Health Insurance Plans PPO plans are less per month then HMO.

2. What’s an HMO?

With an HMO Health Insurance plan you are assigned to a PCP, primary care physician who will oversee you and your medical care. Your PCP will refer you to other specialists and other doctors as needed. Co-Pays for HMO plans are less then PPO plans.

3. What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount you will pay toward medical services before the insurance company will pay your Co-Pay amounts.

4. How does a co-pay work?

The co-pay is the amount you must pay when you visit a use medical services. Your Co-Pay amount is stated on your policy. Usually a percentage.

5. Is there a limit where I stop paying?

Every health Insurance plan will have a Stop-loss or Co-Pay limit. That is where you have reach your max amount you have to pay in medical bills for the year.

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