A few ways to Save on Health Care

by AdminJ on September 9, 2009

Look into your Health Insurance Policy:

Your Health Insurance policy may offer Free Preventive Care services and you may not know. These services could include an annual Physical Exam, OBGYN, Flu Shot etc. Before you spend money make sure you know your plan and what services you have for free or at a discount. You will have to stay in your network for the free and discounted services.

Don’t always go to the ER:

Before running to the Emergency Room to wait for hours look into local Urgent Care centers for smaller medical issues. Urgent Care Centers will be half the cost and time.

Generic Generic Generic:

When getting prescriptions look into the generic version. Generics usually run about $10-$20, brands could be as much as $500.

Your Doctor & Samples:

You should be sure to ask your doctor if they have any smaples of the drugs you are taking. Asking for samples of medications is the best way to save. Drug companies give free samples to doctors of not only prescriptions but over the counter which most doctors are happy to give to their patients.

Generic Drug Programs:

Walmart and Target are now offering $4 generic drug programs. Walmart has over 350 different gerenic drugs that are only $4. Many larger discount retailers are offering many generic drugs $4. Shop around, find out which stores are giving you the best deal on your drugs. Also, be sure to look are your local ads for coupons and rebates. There are also cash incentives for transferring your prescriptions.

Try Retail Clinics:

Some CVS drug stores throughout the country now have “Mini Clinics” where you can get basic blood work, shots and tests done. For common conditions like blood work, flu shot and colds try your retail clinic less expensive medical bills. The Clinics usually are staffed with nurse practitioners and physicians assistants.

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