3 Tips if you need Maternity on your Health Coverage & Don’t have it

by AdminJ on September 3, 2009


More and More of the newer Health Insurance Plans do not have  maternity coverage on them in order to save money on your monthly premium. This is making this issue come up more and more.
1. What are my options on my current Plan? 
 A few Carriers will let you make the change to a maternity plan if you do get pregnant. Blue Shield of California will let you go to their Shield Spectrum $5,000 if you do get pregnant as long as you have been on your plan for at least a year. All you do is give your broker or Blue Shield a call and they will make the plan change for you.
Anthem Blue Cross will also let you make a change, for your one downgrade per year. They would let you change to the PPO Share $5,000. You should do the same think either contact your broker or call Anthem Blue Cross direct. Both plans have maternity included but you will need to meet that $5,000 deductible before the Carrier will pay anything out.
2. Is your Spouse group Plan?
An other alternative is if you are able to join your spouse/domestic partners group plan. Most group plans do not have to go through underwriting, so you can be enrolled being pregnant and get the coverage you need.
3. Can you Join a Group plan through Work?
If you didn’t join your works health plan and you are able to this is an easy way to get coverage. Most of the time you can only join a group that you have previously declined when its the groups open enrollment. If you still waiting for your probationary period to end then you are in luck.
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