How was an HSA Plan Work?

by AdminJ on September 2, 2009

There is another type of Health Insurance policy that is becoming more popular it is an HSA plan. What HSA stands for is Health Savings Account.   HSA  plans are like a typical higher deductible PPO in the way the medical coverage works the difference is you can add on a bank account to connect to your plan, which is tax free dollars. You can pay medical bills with the money in the account, earn interest and any unused dollars will are rolled over to the next year. Like any other account you will get checks, a debit card and statements.

In the past HSA accouts  really only came with higher deducible plans but that has changed. Anthem Blue Cross of California for example now has lower deductible plans as low as $1,500. With Anthem Blue Cross they also give you all your yearly preventive care free.

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