Things to Think about before Buying an HMO Plan

by AdminJ on August 26, 2009

1. Can I see my Doctor?

If you go to a doctor you don’t want to leave, you should make sure that they accept the HMO plan you are looking into getting. Many Doctors can accept a Health Insurance Carrier for PPO plans only which means you will be going out of your network. If this is the case your plan will not pay for any of your service.

2. Is the HMO monthly payment worth it? 

Individual HMO plans are more expensive then PPO plans when it comes to monthly premiums but the CO-Pays and CO-Pay limits compared to PPO plans are much lower.  Take your past few years for example, how often you used your insurance see if the HMO plans monthly makes sense. Look at your usage to way it out. If you use a lot of office visits it would be great to have $20 CO-Pays vs. 30% on a PPO plan.

3. How does my Deductible work?

Newer HMO plans have more choices. There used to be a lot less HMO plans out there and few of them had any kind of deductibles which is not case anymore.  Make sure you how your deductible works and if you get office visits before it is met and what else it applies to.

4. What is a PCP?

PCP stands for Primary Care Physician. The PCP you choose is who you go to when you need pretty much anything. You go to your PCP before you see any kind of specialist. Your PCP will be the person in charge of giving you referrals when you need to see other doctors. Health Insurance Carriers will let you switch your PCP but only the first of each month and the request needs to be in by a certain time.

If you have any questions, would like to review your current plan or needs free health insurance quotes please give me a call toll free, 877-707-9898.

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