Is a PPO plan a better fit for you?

by AdminJ on August 26, 2009

If you are shopping for a new Health Insurance Plan and going back and fourth between a PPO plan and HMO Plan, below are a few reasons a PPO plan may work you better for you:

1. Your doctor does not accept HMO plans.

Pretty Simple If you are not willing to change your doctor and they do not accept HMO plans, you don’t have a choice but to go with a PPO plan.

2. Need the Insurance for Emergencies more then everyday

Individual PPO plans are less expensive per month then HMO Plans. Seems to only make sense to save more per month and still have coverage if you have an emergency.

3. Want a lower Monthly payment

As said above, Individual HMO plans are more then PPO. If you need to keep your monthly down, PPO is the way to go. But remember when you use the insurance more will be out of Pocket with a PPO plan then you would with an HMO plan.

4. Not a fan of referrals

If you want to be able to come and go to different doctors as you please then an HMO is not a route I would go. With an HMO plan you have to see your PCP in order to see any kind of other doctor. Please refer to old blog post “Things to think about before Buying an HMO plan”.

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