3 Things to do if Your COBRA Policy is Expiring

by AdminJ on August 21, 2009

3 Things to Do if your COBRA is expiring?

If your COBRA is getting ready to expire the first 3 things I would do:

1. Know all your Options

There are many different policies that maybe available to you after coming off COBRA. You could go on an Individual Plan, join a group plan of a new employer or spouse and if you are a Business owner start your own Small Group. To discuss call me anytime toll free, 877-707-9898.

2. Apply for a Individual Health Insurance Policy

Find an individual policy that seems like a fit for you and any dependents you are putting on the policy. Be sure to go to: http://www.health-insurancecalifornia.com for instant health insurance quotes. We can compare all the different plans and carriers available. Please call me anytime to weigh out your options.
3. Make Sure to Make your Last COBRA Payment.

Most people think since they have applied for a Individual policy it is in underwriting so they do not need to make that last pricey COBRA payment, they are WRONG. Just because you have applied for an Individual Plan does not mean you will be approved and have coverage. If you have reached the end of your COBRA and are unable to get on your own Individual Plan you are eligible for HIPPA. If you have any questions about HIPPA, Please contact me.

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