5 Tips to Keeping your Health Insurance in Hard Times

by AdminJ on August 20, 2009

5 Tips to keeping your Health Insurance in hard Times:

1. Raise your deductible. To bring down your monthly payment you can raise your deductible and still keep some kind of coverage.

2. Shop your Plan: More carriers are having rate increases, there maybe another plan out there that can fit you better, with less coverages but keeping hospitalization.

3. Change to Hospital Only plan: If you can keep up your currently monthly payment you can change your plan to a hospitalization only plan. Most will not give you office visits but will cover any major services and ER visits.

4. Look for less Drug Coverage: If you current policy has both Brand & Generic drugs, you can take off Brand Drugs with some carriers which could save you at least $15 per month. Just make sure if you are currently taking anything that comes in Brand form only that you can find a different drug in Generic that will work.

5. Call Lesley!: Call me anytime to review your current policy, get free quotes or answer any questions you have.

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