Another Solution to Health Insurance Reform

by AdminJ on August 12, 2009

The solution to to Health Care/Health Insurance from another prospective. I like to see all the different ideas and angles people are giving regarding our Health Insurance Reform/Health Care Reform.


Charles Krauthammer’s Aug.10 column on health care was entitled “A better plan: Get your own health care” (Commentary).

Socialize the risk of medical malpractice, but get your own personal health care insurance, not through the government, not even through your employer. Really, Mr. Krauthammer, this is your solution for solving the health care crisis? Government, though inefficient and expensive, should assume the people’s risk of medical malpractice but not, heaven forbid, do anything to help people with their medical care.

It’s sort of like the government taking over toxic loans from the banks; take over toxic medical care. In neither case let any harm come to the perpetrators, the bankers, the brokers, or the doctors or the hospitals.

Medical malpractice cases provide the only fiscal responsibility health care providers have. Medical malpractice cases reward the victims of medical health providers. These cases represent only a tiny fraction of the injuries and deaths people suffer at the hands of doctors and hospitals. The people who win or settle these cases sometimes need lifelong medical care which results in large individual settlements but is only a small fraction of the total price of medical insurance.

On the other hand, make people go out and find private health insurance no matter how sick they are. Forget IBM or Microsoft’s duty to provide health insurance, or maybe you work at the local grocery store. No more health insurance from your primary source of income. That leaves the federal government; oh dear, they’re out of the business too.

Health insurance from employers doesn’t “force people to stay in jobs they hate” as you put it. There is such a thing as COBRA, a government-sponsored interim health insurance for folks between jobs. Of course, you would abolish that as well because, you say, health care is the biggest tax exemption in the Federal Government. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies squabble among themselves over who will get the most of that mountain of money. The people get the deductions but only after they have paid those sky-high prices.

There are some things worse than the status quo.


interesting to what Krauthammer is saying. But I do see a lot of people choosing a job over another one because of health insurance benefits. I know that would make a decision between two jobs much easier for me.
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