3 Ways to Lower your Monthly Health Insurance Premium

by AdminJ on August 12, 2009

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3 Ways to lower your Monthly Health Insurance Premium:

1. Lower your Medical Plan Deductible

By lowering your dedutable you will then lower your monthly Health Insurance premium. Just make sure you have unlimited office visits before you meet your dedutbale to unsure you are able to go to the doctor as often as you need.

2. Make sure you don’t have any unnecessary coverages

Most people have coverages on their Health Insurance Plan they don’t even realize they have. Make sure there are not other plans you can change to that would lower your monthly without having.

3. Do you need Brand drugs?

All of the newer Health Insurance plans now come two ways with both Brand & Generic drugs or just Generic drugs. Make sure that is going to work with your lifestyle to only have Generic Drug options. By having only Generic drugs on your Health Insurance plan can lower your monthly at least $16 a month with the Health Insurance Carriers that offer that.

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