Insurance Industry Speaks

by AdminJ on August 5, 2009

In the news not much has been said from the Insurance Industry. Finally, they are fighting back.
The leader of America’s Health Insurance Plans, the insurance industry’s trade group, pushed back today against recent comments made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that insurers have been “immoral” and are the “villains” in the debate in Congress about overhauling health care. 
“For a country that’s trying to accomplish what it has failed to do for a century, pass health care reform, the same old Washington politics … is a major step backward,” the group’s president and CEO, Karen Ignagni, said in a conference call with reporters. “This is the playbook of consultants, not of consensus.”
The insurance industry funded the “Harry and Louise” television ads that helped kill health care legislation in 1994, but this time around the group has taken a more nuanced approach. It is agreeing to a number of ideas that have bipartisan support, such as doing away with knocking people off insurance for pre-existing conditions, and has stayed at the table as President Obama’s administration and members of Congress work on the issue. Ignagni stuck to that message carefully during the call, avoiding any threats that the powerful group could turn toward negative TV advertisements like “Harry and Louise” if further provoked. 
“For our part, we will set the record straight,” she said. “The American people wouldn’t know it based on the rhetoric that has been used over the past week or so.” 
One interesting tidbit: Ignani denied that the insurance industry has helped fund or organize groups that have been showing up to protest at town hall meetings lawmakers are holding during the August recess. “That’s not us,” she said. “We have our hands full.” 
There could be other people protesting the Health Care reform other then the industry. I for example don’t want any sort of OBAMCARE. Yes, I do sell Health Insurance but am affected myself by the strict underwriting guidelines and rate increases. But then I think of the idea of the government running my health policy, controlling surgeries and care I can and can’t have. I would rather spend more money.
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