Health Insurance is Not Car Insurance

by admin on July 23, 2009

How can Obama compare the two? With Car Insurance, if you get into an accident you are effecting others around you when you hit them. Which makes sense to make mandatory. But why Health Insurance? Are you effecting others because you choice not to have any?


The federal government should require everyone to purchase health insurance, President Barack Obama said today, just as car insurance is mandated.

Like auto collision plans, the president said his health plan would allow reductions in coverage amounts with age as “the condition of the body just doesn’t matter as much anymore.”

“If you’re driving an ‘82 Plymouth Reliant K, you’re not going to carry as much collision coverage on that clunker as you would on a 2009 Lexus GS,” the president said. “Likewise, my own health insurance should be the top of the line GS plan because I’m in the prime of life, but my mother-in-law, who has already lived her best years, could get the K-plan…you know, less coverage on body work.”

Mr. Obama said a mandated universal medical coverage plan could reap huge cost savings “if only Americans would cast away the antiquated notion that all human life is equally valuable.”

“Most health care expenses come during the final years of life, when it’s too late anyway,” he said. “If we looked at people as we look at cars, we’d all understand that you just don’t care as much about dings and dents and leaky oil pans on the older models.”


I love the comparison of a body and a car. You would think the body would be more important but for a lot of people its not their first priority. Why should you be forced to have Health Insurance Coverage or pay for others to have it?


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