New Tool for Finding Family Histories

by admin on July 17, 2009

¬†For a doctor to be able to access a patients family history should really useful. I know when I tell my doctor family history, I always either leave something out of get the condition wrong. I’m such a lot of people do the same.


Four organizations will build Web tools to enable physicians to collect consistent family histories from women of childbearing age and analyze the information. The goal is to alert physicians to a patient’s increased risk for birth defects or pregnancy complications.

The National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics will lead the project. Other participants include the March of Dimes, the Genetic Alliance and Newton Wellesley Hospital in suburban Boston. The project is funded with a $1.2 million grant from the genetic services branch of the federal Health Resources and Services Administration.

Under the project, patients will fill out a standardized family history questionnaire using tablet computers. Software will analyze the information and issue red flags to physicians if warranted. Physicians may be prompted to ask additional questions, based on best practices, or refer a patient for specialist care.

The health history tool will be compatible with the Surgeon General’s family health history software, called My Family Health Portrait.

–Joseph Goedert


Knowing the gene that your family carries will let you be aware of the risks that you could have pasted on to your unborn child. This could also help in preventive care during your pregnancy.


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