Helping Your Employees Eat Right

by admin on July 10, 2009

Nutrition is a key component to good health, and as such, it is also a key component in keeping your employees on the job. Most employers overlook nutrition in the office setting, without realizing that they can actually encourage proper eating habits very easily.

The biggest culprit in bad nutritional choices in the office are the dreaded vending machines. The majority of these machines are stocked with junk food, which can actually backfire on you, the employer. When employees grab a sugary afternoon snack, they are more likely to get hit with listlessness once that snack wears off, which can be a decline in the quality of their work.

But how can you promote good nutritional choices without coming off like a militant health nut? Actually, there are many different ways that you can subtly start to improve what your employees are eating.

Instead of ripping away their favorite vending machine and replacing it with bean sprouts, try to find better alternatives that you can stock in the machine. For example, soy chips are a healthy alternative to salty snack food and have the added benefit of providing necessary isoflavones while still tasting very good.

Other alternatives include replacing candy bars with protein bars, sodas with healthful shakes and many other choices. However, since food allergies are becoming more prevalent, it is a good idea to make your employees part of the stocking process to ensure that you are not leaving any one out.

Leading by example is another good way to get your message across. If your employees see you munching on a bag of chips when all they have are soy chips, tempers can understandably flare. Make an example out of yourself in a good way by eating the right kind of food. Chances are, your employees will begin to imitate you.

One of the most important things to remember when selecting healthy alternative snack food is taste. If you aren’t providing good alternatives, your efforts will be in vain. Take the time to test out what you are providing to make sure that it is actually comparable to their beloved snack food.

Other ways to introduce your employees to good nutrition is to include written information on health food in their office area. You can even sponsor brief nutritional talks that will assist your employees in making the right choices.

If you are interested in keeping your employees healthy, it is vital to begin introducing them to healthy alternatives. The lessons that they learn in your office will being to transfer to their home lives as they learn more about eating right and begin to see the benefits of healthy eating in their own bodies.

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