Health insurance mandates are not fair to healthy Americans

by Lesley Politi on June 15, 2009

More articles on the Health Reform. This is regarding how the plan would affect pre-existing conditions and how currently a member would pay more because of their past conditions.
Recently proposed portions of the new national health care plan were leaked to the internet and some of the scarier parts that people suspected would be in the bill were in fact in these proposed plans. One of the most upsetting portions for libertarians who oppose nanny state government provisions was a government mandate to purchase health insurance. 
Employers would be required to purchase approved health insurance for their employees and pay a certain percentage of the premium and employees would be required to participate and would be automatically enrolled. Self-employed individuals would be required to purchase an approved private insurance with stiff tax penalties being imposed on them if they choose not to purchase health insurance. In addition to this, health insurance companies would be required to accept individuals regardless of health habits, age, or preexisting conditions and would not be allowed to base premiums on these conditions, but must keep premiums consistent for all those purchasing the insurance. Approved health plans would have low allowable maximums for deductibles and would require coverage of a variety of conditions and treatments.

It cannot be denied that there are millions in the United States that currently do not have health insurance, but a large percentage of those people do not want insurance. Most people pay their own healthcare bills. Those that choose to get treated at free clinics so that they may get cable instead of purchasing health insurance or paying when they get sick should be ashamed of their actions and should be left holding the bill in the end anyway. But many who do not have health insurance by choice have low healthcare expenses and therefore choose to forego insurance in favor of saving their money each month and paying the bill when they do get sick or for normal wellness visits. Many of these normal doctor’s visits are relatively inexpensive and if these are the only healthcare expenses someone has to shoulder, would be more cost effective to save the money on premiums each month. These people are taking a risk, but that risk should, and usually is, their responsibility in the end. The government should assume that adults with presumed educations should be knowledgeable enough to make a decision and assume the risk for that decision. Mandating health insurance is in no way similar to mandating car insurance because car insurance protects the one you hit as well as yourself (and sometimes not even then). Health

insurance would only protect the person insured and no one else. Not having insurance only hurts the uninsured, if anyone at all.

The prices for premiums will be lower for a select few who currently have their premiums affected by their bad health habits or preexisting conditions, but the vast majority of people’s health insurance premiums will raise due to having to hold the responsibility for other’s health and decisions. It is unfair for an 18-year-old young adult’s premiums to go up on the insurance they were forced to purchase because a 70-year-old life-long smoker with lung cancer is being insured under the same plan at the same price. I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs, and I otherwise keep myself healthy because I want to preserve my life and do not want unnecessary bills due to my own poor habits. I should not have to shoulder responsibility for that which I did not create.
I can only see two reasons for mandating health insurance, as I know that the government is smart enough to see that having health insurance doesn’t help my neighbor one bit (unless I am helping him foot some of his bill), the mandate can only be a political one. They think we as their citizens are too dumb to know what is good for us and want to increase the nannyism in our lives, or they want to make it a transitional action towards socialized medicine. I hope that most people will see what I see and protest at least the mandate portion of the proposed healthcare reform. We have a certain unalienable right to be left alone, and one of the issues in which we should be left alone on is our health.
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-  I agree with the article, I don’t feel that everyone should have to suffer for other pre-existing  conditions or age. I do feel that change needs to happen with underwriting guidelines, people with very minor illnesses such as ear infections will be decline with more then one in a year. There needs to be regulation on what Health Insurance Companies can increase rates and decline for.
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