Simple Solutions for Your Health Insurance Needs

by Lesley Politi on June 11, 2009

Health Net is not the most competitive currently but looks like they are trying to change that.


Simple Solutions for Your Health Insurance Needs

Health Net of California Offers Cost-Effective Plans to Employers and IndividualsLOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jun. 11, 2009– With the high cost of health care continuing to top the list of national economic concerns, Health Net of California, Inc. is providing simple, cost-saving innovations that, in many cases, can significantly cut the amounts spent on health plan premiums.

“Whether you’re an employer trying to preserve the benefits your employees have come to rely on or an individual looking for ways to stretch your paycheck, Health Net offers a wide range of innovative products that strike a balance between quality, affordability and simplicity,” said Steven Sell, president of Health Net of California. “This is a big part of our commitment to continue developing simple solutions that make sense in the down economy.”

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Health Net’s Silver Network

Health Net offers a network of HMO doctors, specialists and hospitals in eight counties that includes health care professionals committed to providing the greatest value through a combination of cost effectiveness and the same quality measure found in Health Net’s statewide networks.

In exchange for this “narrow network” of health care professionals – called the HMO Silver Network – employers can see premium breaks up to 14 percent off comparable plans utilizing Health Net’s statewide network.

“The HMO Silver Network provides access to the same level of services and is as easy to use as our statewide network,” said Sell. “The focus is on simplicity and affordability.”

The HMO Silver Network has more than 6,100 primary care physicians, more than 12,700 specialists and more than 130 hospitals and is available in Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, Riverside and Ventura counties.

Salud con Health Net: Cross-Border Access to Care

Salud con Health Net (translation: “Health with Health Net”) provides Southern Californians the choice between medical care near their homes or in Mexico.

For care in California, members have access to a select network of culturally competent physicians and hospitals. For care in Mexico, Health Net partners with SIMNSA, the first Mexican health plan licensed by the State of California, to offer quality services.

The combination of California’s narrow provider network and Mexico’s lower cost of care allow for premiums significantly lower than Health Net plans providing access to California-only care.

“Salud con Health Net is an easy-to-use, cost-saving solution for California’s ethnically diverse market,” said Sell.

From Tax Advantages to Convenience: Something for Everyone

Whether it’s the tax advantages of health plans connected to health savings accounts or the convenience of temporary health benefits while in between jobs, Health Net offers a huge choice for both employers and individuals.

“Different people have different health insurance needs,” said Sell. “The right amount depends on factors like how often you or family members see the doctor and whether you prefer the predictable copayment of an HMO or the high deductible amount of some PPOs.”

“In many cases, plans for individuals cost less than COBRA plans offered to those who are involuntarily terminated from their jobs, even when factoring in the new federal subsidy of COBRA,” said Sell. “And for those meeting income guidelines, we can provide parents with an individual plan and simultaneously enroll their children in the Healthy Families program.”

Greater Return from Premium Dollars

Premiums do more than just pay hospital and doctor bills. Through Health Net’s behavioral health subsidiary MHN, business owners may provide their employees with services to help them successfully manage through situations during times of organizational change, such as surviving a downsizing. More information is available at MHN.

Services and Features to Make Informed Health Care Choices

Health Net’s Decision Powersm program offers members a broad array of highly interactive services that help them make better, more informed health care decisions. Decision Power provides Health Net members with tools – including an online questionnaire, streaming video and other support information – to help members assess their current health care risks and to assist them in working in close collaboration with their doctors. With more information and closer collaboration with their doctors, members are better able to assess their full range of treatment options and make the treatment decisions that are right for them.

Additionally, Decision Power provides 24/7 access to health coaches who are specially trained and experienced professionals – such as nurses, dietitians and respiratory therapists – who provide evidence-based health information and coaching support to help members better evaluate their available health care choices.

Other online tools include a hospital comparison report that allows members to assess quality and cost information among Health Net’s network by ranking these criteria: cost of treatment, complication rates, mortality rates, lengths of stay and number of patients treated for specific conditions.


I have a number of clients with small groups on the silver network. It is a smaller network of doctors but give you great benifits for a lot less. I feel like most people either Love it or Hate it. If you find a doctor in the network you like you love it, if you can’t find one you hate it.


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