Woman and Health Care

by Lesley Politi on May 26, 2009

Woman and Health Care costs making the news again. Should they be paying more?


California — The California Assembly has approved a bill that would prevent insurers from charging women more than men for health coverage. Insurance companies warn the measure could drive up costs for everyone.

Group health insurance plans aren’t allowed to charge women more than men. That prohibition does not apply to policies sold on the individual market.

One study shows California insurers charge women up to 26 percent more than men for health coverage. That’s sometimes the case even with policies that don’t include maternity benefits.

Insurance companies argue women should be charged more, because they tend to use more healthcare services. Insurers also say eliminating gender pricing differences could raise premiums across the board.

Critics say gender discrimination is illegal in employment and housing, and it should be in health insurance, as well.

The bill to ban the practice now moves onto the state senate.


I have seen a couple of different numbers regarding how much more woman pay. I do agree that maternity coverage should be priced higher then non-maternity plans because it is very expensive but 26% more without maternity? That is just out of control.


Source: http://www.kpbs.org

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