Let's Talk Health-Care Reform

by Lesley Politi on April 20, 2009

Let’s Talk Health-Care Reform

For a health blog, we haven’t talked much here about health-care reform. It’s a huge, divisive and emotional issue — in other words, perfect blog fodder.

It’s clear that health-care costs are out of control and threatening to undermine the entire economy. It’s heartbreaking to hear about people losing their livelihoods — or their lives — for lack of adequate insurance coverage. On the other hand, many find it unsettling to think of the government’s taking over the whole health-care system or even large chunks of it.

Of course, we’re already partway there: According to the Associated Press, “Most Americans may not realize it, but government already pays nearly half of the nation’s health care tab. Government programs cover seniors, poor families, and many children.” Yet still too many people are outside the system, receiving little or no health care.

But what’s the best solution? The American Medical Association has embraced the broad outlines of the Obama administration’s approach. Read the AMA’s letter of support and see what you think.

We’re not likely to devise a perfect solution in this forum. But I’d like to hear what you’re thinking about health-care reform, changes you think would benefit you and your family — and the country as a whole.


Source: www.washingtonpost.com

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