More Universal health care news

by Lesley Politi on December 15, 2008

More universal health care news

Posted by Jessica Sipperley | Jackson Citizen Patriot December 10, 2008 14:12PM

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The Nov. 24 entry about the possibility of a universal health care system (“On our way to universal health care?”) incited an overwhelming response in the comments thread, both against and in favor of such national policy. Here’s the latest on the topic. All articles have been linked, so you can access the full piece directly from the blog.

-America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), a national insurers group, has put forth a plan for Congress to lower the increase in health care costs by 30 percent over the next five years. Under this plan, all Americans would get health care coverage, and Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program would increase in scope. In addition, insurers would not be able to reject people for insurance due to pre-existing medical issues. This plan was presented on Dec. 3. Right now, it’s unclear whether the plan will get off the ground, or how the plan will play into other legislative efforts for universal health care. (Reported by the Los Angeles Times.)

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) is giving up his position on the Senate Judiciary Committee, so he can concentrate on changing the health care system. Kennedy is a long-time proponent of universal health care, and, as the Boston Globe reports, he’s making such legislation his major concern. So far, according to the article, Kennedy has been working with a team to develop a health care reform bill, which he wants to have in time for Obama’s inauguration in January. Kennedy’s plan would give coverage to the uninsured – about 47 million Americans.

Obama is moving quickly during the few months before he takes office, naming several key members of his cabinet, and details about his intentions for policy in many areas are being revealed and discussed. As for universal health care, it’s unclear how plans will be developed further, and whether formal legislation will pass. For now, speculation and debate about this sensitive topic will certainly continue to unfold.


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