I got irritated reading “Medicare’s open enrollment: Seniors face higher premiums” (Tribune, Nov. 15). Why should health insurance selection for seniors or anyone else be a trick question? Why do we have to pit our brains against corporate lawyers and spin-doctors, who are hired to protect the insurers’ interests?

To those who say competition improves the product, that is only so when the buyer and the seller have roughly the same level of information. With medical insurance, that is not so.

I am fed up with the United States paying more for health care per capita than most of the developed world, and yet living shorter lives and suffering poorer outcomes. Too much of our health-insurance dollar goes to sales and weasel-wording sharpies.

This is the point where we get the story about someone in Canada who had to wait six weeks for a non-emergency procedure. Well, if they wanted to, Canadians could dump their national health insurance and go back to insurance companies. They seem to have no inclination to do so.

We should give national health insurance a chance.

Gary McCarty

Salt Lake City

Source: Salt Lake City Tribune

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