Women's Health Insurance Costs Much More than Men's

by Lesley Politi on November 12, 2008

Affordable health insurance is more accessible for men than for women.

As women we are still at a disadvantage in job compensation and now it appears we also get gouged on our health insurance. Of course, the wealthy insurance companies argue that we have babies and other aliments that take more medical care than men.

However, even if a woman does not have children or maternity care is not covered by their insurance policy, they still pay more. In an editorial in the 11/3/08 New YorkTimes, it was noted that “insurers charged forty-year old women anywhere from four percent to forty-eight percent more than they charged men of the same age.” The editorial also noted that ” one Missouri company charges forty-year old women 140 percent more than men; another fifteen percent more.”

Hopefully, with a new administration that cares about people, something will eventually be done about health insurance. France has wonderful prenatal and postnatal care for women, gives them excellent maternity leaves and still offers all their citizens the best medical care in the world. If the insurance companies were removed from the lucrative business of health insurance, we would all be better off and then perhaps the 47 million individuals without health insruance could also be covered.

Medical care in this couintry should be for everyone, not just the rich.

Reported by Dr. Charlotte Thompson

Source: examxhealth.com

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